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Give the twisted game a roll
A twist-jackpot game revolving with 4 reels and 7 winning lines. Duel the Joker’s dices on Kajot Games to experience the playful atmosphere and take hold of the many-sided wins. If you want to be the one who beats Joker and wins every coin of the house, you will have to own the right technology. A device such as a notebook, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection with one of the supported browsers are needed. Yet, for those savage jokers who wish to have the full feeling of playfulness, you can visit one of our classic casinos to have a successful night at an underground house of gaming.
Blow on the dice to bring you luck
Joker tosses his crooked dice (Wild symbol) to take place of the other luckless cubes and get all the winning dots on your side. The promise of a ravishing reward is at your fingertips – if you come across the Joker’s crooked dice at least on one of the reels, the number of winning lines will increase to a symbolic 81. We are not joking; it is insane but true!

Throw the dices to play against the Joker and overpower his gamble chamber on

Game information
Joker 81 Dice is a 4-reel game with 3 slots per reel and 7 win-lines with the Wild Joker symbol, which increases the number of win-lines to 81 by its presence on the reels. Winnings are valid from left to right. Winning combinations and payouts are made according to Pay Table. During one game, you can win on multiple winning lines, which means that the winnings are added up. Only the highest win on the winning line is valid.

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bonus:Joker changes number of winlines to 81

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