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Integration is the very first start of cooperation with our partner. As we see it, flexibility is the key to meet needs of each partner. Our integration team holds regular conversations with our partner to ensure we satisfy every need and requirement. Even though…


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We realize how important a strong and reliable partnership is for the functioning of the company, and therefore we approach each of our partners according to their specific requirements and needs.

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about us

Our vision is to be a company that is a reliable partner to its most demanding customers worldwide. We want to create games for our partners that will be fun for the widest possible public. We pay particular attention to the quality of products and services. We achieve the highest product quality through mutual cooperation between individual company departments and we always do our best to make our products special with our own thoughts and ideas. We use the latest technology in the IT industry. The market determines the parameters of the end game software…


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Soho St. Julian's, Office 2A, Punchbowl Centre, Elia Zammit Street, St. Julians, STJ3154, Malta


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