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Get your kicks on the route of Retro Wheels!
Accelerate the 5 reels of our Retro Wheels game and start your route! Let the wheels drive you back to the good ol’ days and speed up to the final station with 10 to 50 winning lines. Take control of the ride, drive from east to west and power up your win with two swift bonuses – Scatter symbol and Wild symbol.
Drive by the retro motels, gas stations and diners along the road of Kajot Games to experience the retro vibes. If you want to drive your wheels to the winning lines, you will have to own the right technology. A device such as a notebook, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection with one of the supported browsers are needed. Yet, for those experienced drivers who wish to taste the feeling of a headlong ride, you can visit one of our classic casinos.

Let the Joker take control of the ride
Joker (Wild symbol) is among all the most mischievous ones; he will set his foot only to the middle of the road and catch every symbol coming his way. However, the star (Scatter symbol) is out of his reach. No ordinary stakes satisfy this mafioso; he will gamble with fruits such as lemons, plums, cherries, watermelons, sevens, and bells ringing your win or loss.
On your way through the sundried desert, you might catch sight of three or more stars (Scatter symbol) which will give you a Scatter win. The stars do not have to be lined on the sun horizon for you to win.
Do you feel the wind in your hair and music on your mind yet? Get in with us and throw away your concerns on the highway full of retro wins on

P.S. Joker left a message for you – ‘Don’t tell me you’re not up for this ride, amico. It makes me laugh!’

Game information
Retro Wheels is a 5-reel, 4-row slot game featuring Golden Rose (Wild) feature, Free spins and 15 winning lines. Winnings are valid from left to right. Winning combinations and payouts are made according to Pay Table. During one game, you can win on multiple winning lines, which means that the winnings are added up. Only the highest win on the winning line is valid.

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bonus:Scatter, Joker Wild

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